Blu cardigan di Teri in inglese

Tinpins ha tradotto in inglese il mio pattern .
Ecco la sua versione inglese :

This is the first cardigan that I’ve made with the top-down method. Given that I don’t understand English, and that I didn’t find any Italian instructions online, I used those in French from de-fil-en-aiguille (“from thread onto needle”) and, with my little bit of french and a bit of knitter’s intuition, I succeeded in making this little cardigan without sleeves. I became so fond of this method that I made five cardigans in a few months. I used straight needles to make the body, and only used a circular needle for the sleeves. In this project, circular needles are not necessary.
330g of cotton, #4, 5 needles

Cast on 14+2+16+2+22+2+16+2+14= 90 stitches and knit 3 rows garter stitch, and then
continue knitting subdividing with a marker (a little loop of wool) the following stitches:
row1- 14 knit (front ), mark , 2 knit, mark,16 knit (sleeve ),mark,2 knit ,marc ,22 knit (back ),marc , 2 knit, marc,16 knit (sleeve ) ,marc, 2 knit , marc, 14 knit .

row2 and all even rows: purl, with the first 3 and last 3 stitches as garter stitches.
row3 and all odd rows, knit , at the sides of every couple of marked stitches insert the increases.
Insert increases 22 times. At the end I have:
FRONT : 14 +22+1 = 37 stitches
SLEEVE : 1+22+16 +22+1 = 62 stitches
BACK :1+ 22 +22+ 22+1+= 68 stitches
The sum is 266 stitches. After you close stitches in the sleeves we have 142 stitches to insert in the “ grana di riso doppia” manner.
You can also distribute 14 increases among the 142 stitches.

On the right side, inside the first two stitches (rows?) knit three button holes 6 cm apart. Up to 17 cm from the top, continue knitting normally on the front and the back, and on the sleeves knit with 4 needles. Close the sleeves and continue knitting a double moss stitch. At 40 cm length, knit 6 rows (garter stitch) and close all the stitches. Sew on the three buttons, and put it on with enormous satisfaction.
a legaccio - garter stitch
maglia rasata - stocking stitch

e inglese


  1. Ciao Teriluce, ho appena scoperto il tuo blog, complimenti per i tuoi bei lavori a maglia! Anch'io amo la maglia, (ma non sono bravissima..) e devo (e vorrei) dimagrire..vedi quante cose abbiamo in comune! Se vuoi venirmi a trovare ti metto l'indirizzo del mio blog
    A presto!



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